My name is Shelley Walker and I went to Footscray West Primary starting Grade Prep in 1970 through to Grade 6.

I must say I have some fond childhood memories  from the school and teachers.

I remember being a lunch monitor, milk monitor and playing marbles in the school yard to name a few.

I still have friends that I formed friendships in class as well as school yard back some 40+ years ago there.

My 3 brothers also went to this, as well as my Grandfather who is on the Honor Roll, which use to hang in the corridor.

I have attached my class photos for your Centenary.

Shelley Walker Shelly Walker 2C and 1C Shelly Walker 1973 3D Shelly Walker 1975 56 Shelly Walker 1975 456 Shelly Walker black and white Shelly Walker Grade 2H


Shelley Walker