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Canteen & Lunch

Healthy nutrition for sustainable learning

Healthy Eating

A good breakfast before school, followed by healthy lunches and snacks, is important for children’s concentration and learning during the day. Students are allowed water bottles in class and have a designated fruit break.

The canteen takes lunch orders and sells snacks during recess and lunch. Many healthy options are provided.

Students are encouraged to bring Litter Free Lunches to school.  All food scraps from lunch and recess are collected and composted for use on the gardens.

Healthy eating is also promoted through the school’s “Try this!” program. Students also take part in growing, harvesting, preparing, and enjoying fresh fruit and vegies from the school’s gardens.

If your child is bringing food to share for a special occasion (such as a birthday or other celebration) please ask the teacher if there are any known food allergies in the class. The most common allergies are to nuts, eggs, and soy products.

Current Canteen Price List

Students can buy snacks at morning recess directly from the canteen. Items may also be purchased from the canteen during the lunch recess.

Full lunches can be ordered by placing a Lunch Order.

  • Lunch Orders will be collected in the classroom in the morning and sent to the canteen.
  • Write your order on a paper bag.
  • Put the money inside the bag.
  • Any change will be wrapped separately and returned in the bag with your child’s lunch.
  • Orders are collected from the canteen by class monitors and delivered to classrooms at lunchtime.

Canteen Menu 2017


How to fill in a Lunch Order

Canteen Lunch Orders



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