Prep 2021 Information and Virtual Tour

Please sit back and enjoy our video introduction to our school in lieu of a tour.

FWPS School Tour

After you have watched it, you may have some additional questions which we would love to answer. We invite you to submit your questions to the school email account before Wednesday the 13th of May using the subject line, ‘Prep 2021’ for us to respond to through a video ‘Q&A’.

This presentation is available below.

To enrol your child at Footscray West Primary School, please email us to obtain a digital copy of the form. We request that you please state your address in the body of the email (using the subject line, ‘Request for enrolment form 2021’), or alternatively pop into the main office for a hard copy.

You can return it, along with copies of all the supporting documents via our school email, hardcopy through post or by dropping it at our main office in person during school hours (9:00am-3:30pm).

The supporting documents we require are:

  • birth certificate
  • immunisation certificate (NOT the immunisation record book)
  • Visa (if applicable) & Passport
  • proof of residence within our school zone  (minimum of 12 month rental agreement from the start of the school year or, property purchase details along with at least two utility bills, which could include a gas, electricity, internet or landline bill)

Please note, should you move out of our school zone, we may not be able to offer subsequent children a place in future years.

Thank you,

Brendan Millar                   Karri Sinclair

Principal                            Transition Coordinator


Questions and Answers

Thank you to all of the families that sent questions in response to our virtual tour and information video. Each week we will release short films to answer your questions, so please continue to check in. 

Films Released on Thursday 21st May, 2020

Question/ content covered:


Movie length:


Brendan Millar (Principal)

Karri Sinclair (Prep Transition Coordinator)

School captains:

Johanna Wells

Stephen Sully

43 seconds

What should parents do if they are unsure about their child’s readiness for school?

School captains:

Johanna Wells

Stephen Sully


Karri Sinclair (Prep Transition Coordinator)

1 minute and 5 seconds

Will the closures of kinders affect children’s readiness to start school?

School captains:

Johanna Wells

Stephen Sully


Karri Sinclair (Prep Transition Coordinator)

40 seconds

How many students will there be in each class?

Karri Sinclair (Prep Transition Coordinator)

28 seconds

How and where do we purchase uniforms?

Karri Sinclair (Prep Transition Coordinator)

1 minute and 40 seconds

Films released on Thursday 28th May, 2020

What happens if my child is having friendship problems?

Tell us more about Tribes.

What is the schoolyard like for Prep children?

What should parents do if their child has a pre-existing condition or learning disability?

What does a typical Prep day look like?

Films released on Thursday 4th June, 2020

Tell us more about the specialist program.

How can parents be involved in the community?

What resources do families need to provide?

What is next in the transition process?

Films released on Thursday 11th June, 2020

What can parents do to help prepare their child for the start of school?

Can parents select other children that they would like their child to be with?

What does the start of Prep look like?

How can parents and families communicate with the classroom teacher?

What do Prep students do when they come in for their assessment at the beginning of the year?

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your child with us, please do not hesitate to contact the school so that we can make a time to chat.

Karri Sinclair

Prep team leader/K-P Transition Coordinator

Footscray West Primary School


Starting Prep

Starting Prep is a big step for your child and for the whole family. Footscray West offers pre-school information sessions, Kindergarten visits, classroom activity programs, and social events so everyone can settle in and enjoy this exciting time.

Prep start dates for the coming year and dates for pre-school events are available on the School Calendar.

Prep Timetable

  • School hours are 9:00am – 3:30pm. Preps’ first day ONLY is 9:00am-12:30pm.
  • For the first month Preps attend school Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with Wednesdays reserved for teacher assessments.
  • After the first month, Preps attend Monday to Friday.
  • Preps and Juniors must be accompanied by an adult to and from school.
  • Preps will only be dismissed by the class teacher when a parent or designated carer arrives to collect them.
  • Children must be picked up at the specified time.
  • Before and After School Care is provided by ThierCare, held on site in Emu Corner. Please enrol on line @ or ring 1300 072 410.


  • You can enrol your child for Prep from May of your child’s 4 Year Old Kinder year.  It will assist the school if you enrol by the end of August, as class numbers and funding for the new school year are organised at the end of October.
  • Enrolment forms are available from the office.
  • Victorian children are eligible to enrol in Prep from 4 ½ – 6 years. Your child must have turned 5 by 30th April of the year they begin Prep to start in that year. They may commence school in the year they turn six.
  • Most children live locally in the surrounding suburbs of West Footscray and Maidstone. Currently the school has an enrolment zone, so we invite you to contact us to discuss enrolment options.

Footscray West offers a comprehensive Transition Program for children and families.

Feel free to drop by or contact us with any questions you have about starting school at Footscray West.

Download this year’s information for prospective prep families:

School Neighbourhood Zone Map

Prep Information Booklet 2020