I was a student at FWPS between 1951 and 1957 and would love to renew acquaintances with some of my old classmates.

My two older brothers also attended the school before me – Kevin (1944 – 1950) & Daryl (1947 – 1953).

Some of my memories of school are:

  • playing ‘cherry bobs’ on the gravel behind the shelter sheds;
  • playing British Bulldogs and kicking a footy on the small oval out the back of the schoolyard;
  • having responsibility as a ‘milk monitor’ in Grade 6 and competing with ?? (Can’t now recall who it was) to see who could drink the most of the leftover bottles of milk;
  • doing so well with the arithmetic competition run by our teacher, Mr Haslett on a Friday afternoon that I was able to go home early, except that my best mate was not so quick and I’d find myself waiting outside until he finished so we could walk home together.

I unfortunately don’t have any old photographs of my time at school, so hope that by making contact with others I may be able to find some.

I also hope that I can get to the Reunion that I understand is happening later this year, but have a suspicion it may happen whilst I’m away on an overseas trip.

Dennis Fanner