Good afternoon,


Listening to Macca this morning I was interested to hear about the Centenary of the school which I attended in the mid 1940’s.

I have attached a copy of my class photo taken in 1947, my teacher at the time was Miss Ball and I remember also another teacher whose name as I recall is Mr. Golding.  Both my sister and I attended the school and she would have been in her first year around 1940.

My favourite memories are of playing tunnel ball and preparing for the visit of, as she was then, Princess Elizabeth, but sadly that was cancelled due to the death of her father King George.

I loved the school and have fond memories of it and of school sports days.

Also from my class Glynis Green, Sandra Hutchinson, and Janet Green are still living in Melbourne.

Best wishes for your celebrations


Valerie Woods (nee Bedson)