Dear West Footscray Primary, In 1962, when I was in Grade 4 and my sister Denise, was in Grade 1, we moved from Spotswood, to live in Argyle Street, only 3 doors from the school.

For the 50th Anniversary, in 1965, my sister, Denise, was asked to draw the front of the school.  She did this drawing from across the other side of Argyle Street.  Her drawing was then transposed, by the cake decorator, on to the 50th Birthday Cake. PHOTO included: 50th Birthday Cake.   I have fond memories of my two and a half years at West Footscray SS – good friends and solid education.

There was some severe discipline, namely the use of the cane by a particular teacher, and hits on the back of the head by another teacher, but I enjoyed Mr Hanson’s Grade 5 and Mr Angus’s Grade 6.  I can remember enjoying many sporting activities, though one time I fell over on the asphalt when playing netball, and it seemed to take forever to fall, such that I had time to think that I could have saved myself.  Alas, I still fell hard and grazed my hands and knees.  As did Pat Manion, I too remember some trepidation of walking on the outside stairs.  I can remember the upstairs library, and making a marbling cover for our personal library notebook.  I also enjoyed the debating classes that Mr Angus ran. PHOTOS included: My Grade 4, 5, 6 (though Pat Manion has already submitted a copy of this Grade 6), and a photo of some of the Mr Angus’s Grade 6 girls.  I think this photo was on the occasion of an end of year or Christmas activity.

Our mother, Elsie Johnson (nee Curley), along with her sister Ruth and brother Jack, attended the school when it was called Tottenham SS.  Elsie achieved her Merit Certificate in 1935, and then continued her studies at Williamstown High.  In the sixties, my mother was again at the school, as a member of the Mothers Club. PHOTOS included: Elsie Curley’s Grade 7 and 8, her Merit Certificate, 1965 Mothers Club, and 1965? P&C.

I look forward to revisiting the school during the Centenary Celebrations.

— Diane Johnson

Footscray SS Grade IVB 1962, Diane Johnson Standing 4th Row, 2nd from Left Footscray SS Grade VB 1963, Diane Johnson Seated 2nd Row, 4th from Left Footscray SS Mr Angus's Grade VIB 1964, Diane Johnson Standing Back Row 5th from Left Footscray SS Mr Angus's Grade VIB 19641215 Some of the Girls, Diane Johnson Kneeling Centre Footscray West SS 1965 Mothers Club, Elsie Johnson (nee Curley) Middle Row 2nd from Right, Mrs Leung Seated Front Row 2nd from Right Footscray West SS, Poss 1965 P&C, Principal Mr McCallum Centre, Mrs Clifton raf left, Mrs Kaye and Mrs Leung seated 2nd and 1st on Right, respectively Tottenham SS 3890 Grade VII 1934, Elsie Curley, 2nd Row Seated, 3rd from Right Tottenham SS 3890 Grade VIII 1935, Elsie Curley, 3rd Row Standing, 2nd from Left Tottenham SS, Merit Certificate Awarded to Elsie Curley 1935 West Footscray 1965 50th Anniversary Cake, Original Drawing for decoration by Denise Johnson